Motul and GCK strengthen their partnership

One year after having forged a partnership around motorsport, Green Corp Konnection (GCK) and Motul are broadening the scope of their collaboration to explore promising technologies around thermal battery management, drawing on their respective expertise and passion for mobility.

Whilst tremendous progress has been made in recent years in the technological development of lithium batteries, one of the major challenges remains the ability to cool them efficiently to maximise their performance and ensure safety.

Direct immersion is now one of the most promising solutions to this challenge. Motul has developed a highly specialised dielectric heat transfer fluid in which the entire battery designed by GCK Battery, a subsidiary of GCK, is immersed, thereby controlling the heat build-up from high-speed charging while helping to prevent the spread of thermal runaway. The aim is to provide OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with batteries that can accept ultra-fast charging in less than ten minutes.

This immersion battery technology is intended in the short term to equip 100% electric high-performance vehicles - racing cars, hypercars, sports cars - and hydrogen vehicles equipped with fuel cells - SUVs, trucks, buses, vans, etc.

Cédric Loubiat, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development at Motul: "Improving the performance and safety of lithium batteries can only be achieved through immersion. It was therefore essential for GCK Battery to find a leading partner in the development of highly qualified fluids. We are delighted to have Motul's support and investment in the development of these next generation batteries."

Christophe Lacroix, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development: "We have developed a dielectric fluid that can dissipate heat and isolate the battery cells. We have targeted three clear benefits: safer batteries, with less risk of fire and longer lasting batteries with faster charging possibilities."


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