GCK unveils Twin-E, an innovative technological solution



  • Easy to use and compatible with the majority of urban vehicles, Twin-E is a device allowing you to transform a thermal vehicle into a plug-in hybrid in a few hours by a professional.
  • GCK unveiled this innovative, Made in France solution in the presence of Minister of Industry Roland Lescure on the site of Solution F, its subsidiary specializing in engines and propulsion systems. The State has already provided the regulatory framework to approve this system.
  • The Twin-E solution presents very significant technical, ecological, economic and social advantages. Aligned with the Government’s objectives, GCK confirms its capacity to develop solutions for the decarbonization of transport.

Venelles, June 1st, 2023 – Green Corp Konnection (GCK) welcomes on the1st of June the Minister of Industry Roland Lescure to the site of its Solution F subsidiary in Venelles (13). As part of the Government’s objectives in favor of the decarbonization of transport, this visit is an opportunity for Eric Boudot, CEO of GCK, to present Twin-E, an innovative technological and industrial plug-in hybrid retrofit solution developed by Solution F.


Twin-E, a versatile and easy to install device


The installation of Twin-E in a vehicle consists of integrating an electric motor coupled to an epicyclic gear train, the latter taking the place of the gearbox. With the addition of a battery placed in the flat bottom of the trunk, this transformation is only minimally intrusive in the architecture of the existing vehicle. With Twin-E, the vehicle can travel up to 70 km in 100% electric mode and recharges like a plug-in hybrid vehicle using a charging socket and an on-board charger.


Easy to use and compatible with the majority of urban vehicles, whether light or utility vehicles, Twin-E allows you to transform a thermic car into a plug-in hybrid vehicle in less than a day with a qualified partner installer.


If the range in 100% electric mode is 70 km, the vehicle retains its initial range in thermic mode with lower fuel consumption thanks to hybridization. The results of the tests carried out at UTAC on the standardized NEDC approval cycle show that the thermic vehicle has a consumption of 5.9l/100km and CO2 emissions of 139g/km, while Twin-E has a consumption of 1.4/100km and CO2 emissions of 39g/km, calculated according to the current plug-in approval standard.




Significant technical and societal benefits in a context of changing regulations


The installation of Twin-E is an economical solution accessible to the greatest number of people, it is notably more affordable than the purchase of a new electric vehicle (at least 3 times cheaper) or a 100% retrofitted vehicle (at least 2 times cheaper).


In the context of the implementation of new urban mobility regulations including low-emission zones (ZFE), Twin-E’s 100% electric mode, which emits no CO2 emissions, will provide access to all urban areas. affected by regulatory developments. In fact, converted vehicles benefit from Crit’Air 1.

As part of its strategy to promote the decarbonization of industry and support reindustrialization, the State has identified Twin-E as a relevant solution and has already provided the regulatory framework to approve this device. The implementation of Twin-E will therefore be supported by the State through a financial aid system, based on the ecological bonus model, the amounts of which remain to be arbitrated.


Finally, this innovative solution made in France makes it possible to create jobs, through the manufacturing and industrialization of the kits; as well as their distribution and installation by automotive maintenance professionals or networks of partner auto centers.


Éric Boudot, President of GCK, declares: “Twin-E is a major technological innovation and a transition solution which will facilitate the general public’s access to carbon-free mobility. This made in France system will create jobs and confirms GCK’s ambition to be an industrial player in the decarbonization of transport. I salute the work of the Solution F teams who developed this technology with the support of the GCK group. »


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