The Mobility division brings together all of our skills around the vehicle through several complementary activities:

  • Retrofitting and more particularly the hydrogen retrofitting of heavy vehicles, in which GCK Mobility has become a major player in France.
  • Prototyping and mechanical construction at GCK Performance.
  • Testing with our GCK Motorsport competition team, a real innovation laboratory that allows us to test our technology in the most extreme conditions and with the Charade circuit on which we test all of our vehicles. The circuit also retains its events, seminars and leisure activities.
GCK Mobility - Groupe GCK

GCK Mobility

The transition to carbon-free mobility is gaining ground not only in the transport sector but also in many others such as yachting, earthmoving, mining, grooming, etc.

The increased mastery of all the elements of the powertrain (engine, battery, fuel cell, VCU) allows GCK Mobility teams to retrofit a wide range of vehicles to electric and hydrogen and thus promote the energy transition by limiting CO2 emissions and favoring the circular economy.

GCK - Performance - Groupe GCK

GCK Performance

GCK Performance develops, assembles and prepares any type of vehicle. By successfully accompanying teams in various European and world championships, the company has become in a few years a recognized player in the fields of motorsport and advanced technologies.

Charade e-Circuit de Montagne

Charade Circuit

Anchored in an exceptional natural setting in Auvergne (France), Charade, the last mountain circuit in France which hosted 4 Formula 1 Grands Prix between 1965 and 1972, has begun, under the impetus of GCK, its transformation in order to become a leading circuit in mobility of tomorrow by reconciling the passion for motorsport that has characterized it since its creation and respect for the environment.

GCK Motorsport - Groupe GCK

GCK Motorsport

Founded in 2017 by Guerlain Chicherit as GC Kompetition, GCK Motorsport is a racing team at the forefront of developing solutions for greener motorsport.

Flagship team of the World Rallycross Championship (WRX) from 2018 to 2022, GCK Motorsport launched an ambitious rally-raid program in parallel in November 2020. This discipline is indeed a formidable field of investigation allowing us to test in the most extreme conditions the technologies that we are developing within our Technology & Industry division and to demonstrate the relevance of the use of hydrogen in mobility. of tomorrow.