Participation of Philippe Croizon in the 2024 Dakar Rally




  • Philippe Croizon, exceptional adventurer and athlete, is teaming up with GCK Motorsport, a subsidiary of the GCK Group (Green Corp Konnection), for a world first: becoming the first man to participate in the Dakar Rally with a hydrogen-powered vehicle.
  • He will drive the very first rally-raid competition vehicle with an integrated fuel cell, the result of work carried out by different GCK entities.
  • GCK, a player in the decarbonization of transport, uses motorsport as an innovation laboratory to test the technological solutions developed by its “Technology & Industry” division in the most extreme conditions.



Saint-Pierre-d’Albigny, June 23, 2022 – In January 2024, adventurer Philippe Croizon will be the first man to participate in the Dakar Rally with a competition vehicle powered by hydrogen and prepared by the French team GCK Motorsport, subsidiary of the Green Corp Konnection (GCK) group. An exceptional personality and extraordinary athlete, Philippe Croizon will take on a new XXL challenge at the wheel of the GCK e-Blast H2.
Victim of an accident leading to the loss of his four limbs, Philippe Croizon used his disability as a strength to overcome obstacles and achieve one after another. His journey commands admiration: in 2010, he swam across the English Channel before connecting the five continents in the same way in 2012.

In 2013, he broke the diving record for a four-limb amputee then took part in the Dakar Rally in 2017. He finished 49th there, commanding the admiration of everyone and taking a liking to what is considered the most difficult car race in the world. world.

It is therefore with determination and enthusiasm that Philippe Croizon approaches this new challenge: “I am very happy to join this adventure and become the first driver to participate in the Dakar Rally with a hydrogen vehicle developed by the GCK Motorsport teams! Together we will overcome the impossible by being able to do otherwise. I am proud to take on this challenge, both sporting and technological, in one of the most difficult races in the world. »


The GCK e-Blast H2, a unique vehicle powered by hydrogen

Philippe Croizon joins an innovative program launched in November 2020 by GCK Motorsport whose long-term ambition is to be the first team to win the Dakar Rally with a zero-emission vehicle powered by hydrogen. Spearheading the Dakar Future project of A.S.O., the organizing company of the famous rally-raid race, the French team created by French driver Guerlain Chicherit presented last January in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the GCK e-Blast H2 , the first rally-raid competition car equipped with a fuel cell.


This vehicle has now entered the testing phase in order to be present on some special stages of the 2023 Dakar before being specially prepared for Philippe Croizon who will participate in the entire race in January 2024 after following a well-defined testing program.


Motorsport represents a formidable innovation laboratory for the GCK group. It allows it to test the technologies developed by its “Technology & Industry” division in the most extreme conditions, including this unique fuel cell. Powered by hydrogen at 700 bars, the final volume of 30 kg of which will be stored in four R134 certified tanks, it provides 200 kW of power. This same battery will also be used in the snow groomers that GCK is retrofitting for the Alpe d’Huez resort, thus demonstrating the bridges that exist between competition and daily life.


For Guerlain Chicherit, President of GCK: “It is an immense pride to have Philippe Croizon as a teammate within GCK Motorsport. I have participated in the Dakar enough times to know that it is the toughest race in the world. Through it, the GCK Group once again demonstrates its values ​​of surpassing and innovation which are at the heart of our industrial project. »


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