The GCK and Motul groups take part in CES 2024 in Las Vegas and present a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen combustion engine.

  • The GCK and Motul groups are taking part in this year’s CES 2024 in Las Vegas, where they will be part of the French delegation in the Business France pavilion.
  • They are presenting a major innovation for the decarbonization of transport with a 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief equipped with a 6.2L V8 hydrogen combustion engine.
  • The two companies are also exhibiting their jointly-developed immersion battery, illustrating their technological collaboration and the development of sustainable mobility solutions.
  • Strengthening their partnership, GCK and Motul are focusing on the development and marketing of advanced technologies, to increase their international presence.


Las Vegas, January 4, 2024 – From January 9 to 12, 2024, the GCK Group will be present with the Motul Group at CES 2024 in Las Vegas to showcase their latest technologies and demonstrate their ambitions to enter the American market. Both groups will be present as part of the French delegation in the Business France pavilion at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC).


The two companies present a 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief equipped with a hydrogen combustion engine.


GCK and Motul will be presenting a converted 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief equipped with a 6.2L V8 hydrogen internal combustion engine at this key event for global innovation.


As a partner in the Foenix H2 project launched by Solution F during the centenary of the Le Mans 24 Hours last June, Motul has also decided to support GCK in the development of its hydrogen combustion engine. Indeed, this type of motorization requires a lubricant adapted to cope with the constraints induced by hydrogen combustion, such as sensitivity to abnormal combustions accentuated with hydrogen, the risk of lubricant emulsification due to the greater production of water, and particulate emissions in the exhaust due to the lubricant.


En plus de la Jeep transformée, GCK et Motul profitent de cette plateforme mondiale pour exposer leur technologie de batterie à immersion. Cette innovation est le résultat de leur collaboration depuis le début de leur partenariat et démontre leur vision commune d’une mobilité durable diversifiée.


CES 2024: a show that reflects GCK’s values of innovation and sustainability

CES 2024 is an international crossroads for innovators and industry leaders, an ideal environment for GCK, perfectly aligned with the show’s spirit of avant-garde and sustainable commitment.


It is in this context that GCK demonstrates not only its capacity for technological innovation, but also its commitment to developing and promoting clean, renewable solutions. The Group, in collaboration with Motul, is taking this opportunity to highlight the importance of decarbonizing transport, a global challenge to which they are providing concrete, viable solutions.


Towards a business partnership for international expansion


GCK and Motul see in this prototype not only a technological breakthrough, but also a gateway to new commercial horizons. As hydrogen retrofits gain in popularity, the two companies plan to capitalize on this growing trend, in a dynamic and innovative American market.


The shared goal of conquering new markets translates into a shared commitment to exceeding expectations in terms of performance and environmental sustainability. By pooling their expertise, GCK and Motul aim to develop mobility solutions that not only meet today’s ecological challenges, but also open up new business opportunities. This partnership is based on a common set of values and a shared vision, aimed at setting new standards in the field of transportation.


Éric Boudot, President of GCK : “I am extremely proud to present one of the first vehicles equipped with a hydrogen combustion engine at CES 2024, an event that reflects our values of innovation and sustainable development. This marks the beginning of a new era for GCK as we enter the international market, thanks in particular to our partnership with Motul.”


Christophe Lacroix, Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer at Motul, : « Motul is delighted with this collaboration with GCK, which has borne fruit with two major innovations: the transformation of a vehicle with a hydrogen engine and the appropriate lubricants, and the immersion battery, which provides better performance, greater safety and improved charging and discharging times as part of our Thermal Management solutions. This dynamic illustrates Motul’s determination to develop in the service of the energy and ecological transition and towards soft mobility, including in cycling as we will see on the next Tour de France and in the Moutain Bike, while remaining faithful to its DNA of performance and technicality which remains its trademark”.


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