GCK chooses HRS to accelerate the deployment of its charging solutions for hydrogen mobility


HRS, European designer and manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations, announces that it has received a firm order for an HRS141 hydrogen refueling station, with a capacity of 200 kg/day, from Flex’hy, one of 8 companies making up Green Corp Konnection, an industrial group offering technological solutions to accelerate the decarbonization of transport.

Created in 2020, GCK relies on a 360° approach combining the development of innovative technologies, their integration into vehicles and the supply of clean energy: the group is thus present across the entire value chain of green energy. . GCK specializes in particular in the retrofit of heavy vehicles and last October presented the first hydrogen retrofitted coach using a French fuel cell.

The latest of the companies that make up the GCK group, Flex’hy is an agile hydrogen distributor that provides a solution, anywhere and anytime. As a player in the structuring of the hydrogen sector, Flex’hy offers a range of mobile refueling stations, with or without on-board hydrogen production, suitable for a wide range of use to promote the priming of ecosystems hydrogen.

HRS and GCK share a common vision of the need for a heavy mobility transition with green hydrogen as a solution to the decarbonisation of transport. Indeed, heavy goods vehicles, which represent only 2% of the car fleet, account for more than 22% of the CO2 emissions of the French transport sector. The success of this transition will go through the massification of uses and the structuring of green hydrogen ecosystems combining industry and mobility.

To meet these major challenges and prepare for the massive deployment of its solutions, GCK has chosen HRS and its proven range of high-capacity hydrogen refueling stations. HRS will design, supply, install and commission this dual-pressure hydrogen refueling station, with a capacity of 200 kg/day.

Hassen Rachedi, Founder and Chairman and CEO of HRS: “The energy transition of the transport sector will go through hydrogen solutions intended for heavy vehicles, as the advantages in terms of autonomy and weight in particular are significant. We are therefore very happy to have been chosen by GCK and Flex’hy to deploy an HRS station dedicated to the heavy hydrogen vehicles they have developed.”


Éric Boudot, Managing Director of GCK: “GCK and HRS share the same ambition to decarbonize transport. Knowing the know-how and technical expertise of HRS, we have chosen to order a hydrogen refueling station from HRS through of our company Flex’hy, which aims to be an agile hydrogen distributor allowing the initiation of hydrogen ecosystems.”


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